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tv   Headline News  RT  July 16, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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i. think. over three weeks off the touching down in moscow n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden finally submits a request for temporary asylum in russia. seven people are killed and over two hundred injured during the latest violence overnight in egypt says backers of the else did president morsi clashed with police. and protests across the u.s. reach a day after neighborhood watch god is cleared of murder despite shooting dead an unarmed black teenager.
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live from studio center in moscow this is r.t. with international news and comment twenty four hours a day cia leak edward snowden has officially requested temporary asylum in russia that whistleblowers being stranded in the moscow airport for over three weeks now well he's under his following the n.s.a. whistle blows quest for refuge. well it does appear that his three week ordeal in the transit area of moscow sheremetyevo airport will soon come to an end and that is because the russian migration service has said it has now received an official application from him for temporary asylum in russia and although that will take three months to process in the meantime we think within probably five days he will be issued documents which will allow him to leave that transit area to pass through passport control and effectively walk on russian soil a free man we do know
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a couple of things about his application firstly a lawyer that has been consulting with him has said that on that application mr snowden has made it very clear that he feels that he would be tortured if he returned to the u.s. we also know that mr snowden has agreed russia's precondition of giving him asylum and that was that he should no longer damage the u.s. as to snowden has said that he will not harm the u.s. while he is on russian territory this is probably part of a much wider plan for edward snowden even though if he was granted asylum he would be allowed to live and work in russia for up to one year he has said in a press conference on friday that his wider plan is to travel to latin america where he has been granted asylum in principle by three countries those being venezuela nicaragua and bolivia in the meantime president putin has said that russia should not be blamed for this ongoing saga and said if anything is being
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compounded by america's actions we should go much but if we didn't invite edward snowden and russia was in his final destination anyway he was in transit but as soon as he began his journey is route was revealed and our u.s. partners effectively blocked you taking any further flights they even made other countries are afraid of taking him in no one wants to. and you on your list it's sad to say this story is far from coming to an end at the moment but today's news that he has officially applied full temporary asylum in russia is one small step towards that and in effect that he will now be able to leave we understand the transit area of moscow's sheremetyevo airport within five days that after being stuck there for three weeks for expert opinion on snowden's legal status let's cross live now to more professor an exam. and we just heard from our reporter there
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andrew form of the in effect snowden could well be a free man just how much freedom willy have. very much for having me. usually. in a place where. if you. didn't you. were. down for it. for i don't know. if you can be for a year and. so basically it it legitimizes.
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well the necessary documents in order to leave russia to go to have a destination he chooses will direct. well. here. ok professor alexander thanks very much for that that the quality on the line isn't brilliant so we may well do another interview with you a bit later but in the meantime thanks very much indeed for coming on a live here on r.t. thank you that's going to dominate here on snowden's now waiting for his requests to be reviewed by russian officials and my colleague unishe up of one of the discussed it with news editor i've across the early and he says moscow is playing
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it smoothly. our understanding is that the. initial request this initial submission that's been been confirmed by the federal migration service can be reviewed for up to three months so what we're hearing is that snowden will be given some form of temporary refuge or temporary asylum status this interesting really i think moved him from. a normal state status. status into something a little bit more concrete after the u.s. revoked his passport when he left hong kong so i think snowden then finds himself with some paper and some paper as any. version of it will tell you some paper is better than no paper i think snowden is probably in a better position and may well be allowed to exit the transit area from airport where he's been holed up for for the last three weeks and if he is get out from
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there well then that gives him an opportunity to visit the other embassies or for example is on the bench in venezuela nicaragua and bolivia. in moscow and perhaps establish formal asylum request procedures there and basically shore up his options so russia is giving him asylum and temporary asylum but if you don't want him to stay for good well does that mean in my opinion i think they're playing this snowden situation very well it's very clear that this was not is a situation of their making not an entirely welcome situation either as far as the kremlin. would be concerned but i think they've i think they've done a very well on the one hand prints made it very clear that snowden would not be allowed to continue to damage the famous our u.s. partners while moscow's jurisdiction absolutely unacceptable and as we all know a lot of our putin's worries about putin's work that's not going to happen on the other hand the involvement of anatoly who has a has
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a background in human rights work and has probably help shore up the human rights aspect of it and they seem to be playing the human rights aspect of snowden's asylum request by the book so i think the kremlin seems to be coming out of this new really strong position. so russia will most likely prove to be just a stopover for snowden before he heads elsewhere that america is the most likely destination for the whistleblower let's see where exactly he could and up while glenn greenwald the man who's released much of what snowden leaked thinks that venezuela is the best option believe it is also among the front runners especially after the grounding of its president's plane in europe cause much anger and nicaragua is willing to story looks as if we're talking about ecuador there but no also in nicaragua that's looks as if it's willing to grant asylum after receiving an application from snowden and there is the president ecuador that's another option despite the u.s. urging it not to help snowden like it did with wiki leaks founder julian assange
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well if you've missed a key development over the past few days or just want to know the latest on it would snowden dot com for a timeline of everything that happened while you're there read up well it's why snowden could receive a nobel peace prize for his sleep. stability remains elusive in egypt with at least seven people killed and over two hundred sixty injured in overnight clashes between police and supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsi this is the interim president sworn in the country's new cabinet after hosting a senior u.s. official for talks on true has the latest for us now from cairo. once again the egyptian streets erupted into these very violent and chaotic street battles between supporters of the ousted brotherhood leaned on the security forces which actually continued into the early hours of this morning and we have heard that people have died hundreds have been injured in the latest is that over four hundred people have
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been arrested in connection with this sort of all to cations what's actually happened was that it took place in tutor cations across the capital one very close to i'm standing here in tahrir square ramses. supporter of mohamed morsy had left the city and in the city basically confronted security forces responded with tear gas the protesters threw back the rocks this spread into the side streets burning whole neighborhoods to a standstill meanwhile in another city in support of more see. which is across the river from where i am right now so against the backdrop to this very violent situation here in egypt's top official as the deputy secretary of state has visited egypt he is the first major fishel from america to come post the toppling of mohamed morsi he reportedly was here to meet meeting officials including the president interim president of the month and also civil society leaders and
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business leaders now washington said the purpose of his visit was to underscore u.s. support for egypt and also pushing for the end of violence and a transition towards sort of civilian democracy what we are seeing at the moment here in egypt is possibly a movement to the north towards the west from this interim government as the latest appointments have been mohammed and by the day of meeting opposition figures with very good relations with the u.s. he's now vice president for an f. as in addition the foreign minister is the egyptian i'm over the former egyptian ambassador to the u.s. he of course is very well regarded in the u.s. the u.s. for their part are making very cautious in the way that labeling what's happened in the last weeks from the beginning we've expressed concern. it's about it's a really really motivated to tensions including a president morsi can you say that i think i just said it man i think when you say the name you use his name please the question is do we agree with the call of the germans and i said yes i do the dishes the same but why i welcome you know matt i'm
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not playing this game and it's not. when i was you could hear that you know she's refusing to say the word mohamed morsi even though there are people here who actually against the ousted leader who believe that he is being held as a political prisoner and you are supposed to be very careful about the use of the word coup. which is something that other nations. the minute you're here for doing this would be because of course this would affect u.s. assistance to egypt that one point five billion dollars assistance they give to the army if this is able to king so you could be having a very cautious movement from the u.s. who are reaching out to the interim government refusing so far to meet with any. supporters of the ousted leader and at the same time maintaining kind of course this reaction to the military behavior the last two weeks. bill true that in cairo after the break a court verdict which divided america we look at what's happening off to george zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering unarmed black teenager trayvon martin
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that's over the break. wealthy british. market. has come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report. says technology innovation. development from around russia we. covered. good laboratory.
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was able to build most sophisticated robots which fortunately. tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. three days of violent protests that's how thousands across the u.s. have responded to the controversial acquittal of neighborhood watch god george zimmerman he shot dead black teenager trayvon martin last year but the jury decided it wasn't second degree murder and set him free. was at a rally in new york. the yorkers are now back on the streets to take justice for trayvon bally's protest in illinois even says they're outraged with
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a hunger for the view of the george zimmerman we all know that more than eight hundred thousand people have signed their names put session that was put forth by the don't always see call you for the u.s. justice department and it is a prosecution against george zimmerman on civil rights charges eyes as as we see the anger and the outrage is still boiling from coast to coast seems like now that that this verdict has been rendered it feels like it's open season like we all have a target on our back not just from the police we're not just worried about the police now have to worry about some crazy races person killing us and claiming self-defense you know i think it strikes home because here in new york even though it's such a diverse city we still you know see that kind of racism and discrimination on a day to day basis there's a heavy police presence right now so. the reality is. so
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far demonstrators have spilled out of the union square park and are walking through . manhattan below the park and of course they are surrounded by police officers on the street let's pan over there and to show us the police officers on motorcycles and police officers on foot clearly the crowd is very aggravated an incredible injustice to only the camera but everyone around us like a black man. you thank you actually got a free to wait a day and i think it just kind of voice their opinion or just a black white thing it's not just because. it's it's it's the sickness here in america you know which you know it gets to decide who it's dangerous and who's not following three hours in the blazing heat demonstrators were still walking through new york city demanding justice and dozens of police officers by their side as sporting reporting from new york. the state of
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california has suffered some of the worst violent protests and you go to r.t. dot com to see what's been happening there all the details and the best pictures from los angeles and oakland are waiting for you right there on t.v. dot com. trains cancelled flights disrupted and hospitals left with just emergency staff in greece workers across the country have walked out in a fresh general strike against stairs he fails of taking to the streets in athens are not happy at severe job cuts and international lenders want even more under a billet spec to be passed this week around four thousand state employees will lose their jobs by the end of this year after a thousand workers are being fired in greece every day recent surveys by the hellenic statistical authority are showing since two thousand and nine unemployment has skyrocketed from a little over nine percent to almost twenty seven percent and greece's g.d.p.
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has plunged by almost one hundred billion euros. of reports now from protests hit athens where people's anger has spilled onto the streets again. protected by law since the nineteenth century public workers are still considered to be the foundation of the greek economy but its creditors have demanded that the government cuts up to twenty five thousand public jobs before the end of this year otherwise greece is not going to get its latest financial aid package worth over six billion euros so doctors teachers security guards municipal police public transport drivers and others have all gone on strike and gathered at the country's prominent happens to fight for their jobs for the past six years the greek economy has been in recession unemployment is at twenty seven percent but the many of those who do work officially but haven't seen their salaries in months to handle three graduates are able to find a job there's a rise of drug addicts and the firm was including those with
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a fired patient and decades worth of work experience but the general feeling on the street is not only the government which is to blame for the situation the matter what happens next labor unions like new organization say it's not going to back down until the troika and brussels especially realizes it's not only about adding or subtracting numbers but about the real lives for real people you got pissed off r.t. athens greece. for more on this i'm not joined by katrina black who she is in athens right now she's one of the organizers of the protests taking place there in greece catarina this is already the third major strike this year and yet very little has changed why do you keep striking surely that's going to make things even worse for the country's economy. like hello from athens from my greece. we're still hoping there were still fighting and that's the thing as long as we agree where we keep on fighting. i know that many little things have changed in
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greece in the past three years during the strike case here but. we're hoping that things are going to get better and that's why i would do that demonstrate then i would do the best about this said. insulin masters the poisonous but the government needs to make these cuts in order to get that next big bailout fund if you don't get that bailout fund the country could seriously go bust you need that money to keep it afloat except that. put you to prevent question. here you very clearly sorry the government has to make these cuts in order to receive the next bailout fund surely that is necessary in order to keep the country together we don't know except that these cuts and this assert. their own mistaken new measures but we don't know what's going to be the next the
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other thing is that. the government says that there are times when a bit the last measure is not complete but there's something next target those who have it the measures are not the working. we don't know what's going to be with the know what's going on the future brings but the would hope that that things have been the same for the for the best for us so how are they going to change for the best what is the alternative that you will suggesting. as long as we keep on the same road that the we're doing now things are going to get worse and worse because people are losing their jobs that we cannot consume they're less money. sollars so on and their friends are closing taxes are but higher so as you understand that things can either work that way and that's why i think not working here they're supposed to have to change the politics they're
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starting the first of all and then we'll see what's going to be within the employment the soul that that with maybe what we're going to do something for the best but we need the cooperation up for europe because we still believe in europe not only for helping us with even less money but still money helping us to make me . structure to be able to work. state. attorney would leave it there thank you very much a. member of the greek confederation live in athens thank you very much. well . of course and here's a quick peek at what you can find. all the time scandal hit ex i.m.f. head comes out of the shadows to work for a russian bank he's beginning his comeback in the world of finance by joining the board of an institution. oil company all the details. right now. as the plunges into the depths of lot of the brave the waters of the baltic sea the tiny submarine to inspect
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a russian frigate which sank over one hundred fifty years ago you can check out the video in motion page. dot com. the decade of war has taken its toll in afghanistan but not on its booming drug trade pakistan has been hit hard with addicts lining the pavements because heroin is easier to come by than a decent meal but nato isn't exactly keen to talk about it you may find some of the images in their report disturbing. and ambulance rushes to largest more another body is brought in to be identified there's no shortage of ways to die in this city target killings bomb blasts and drugs. i was hoping to find his father here has been searching karachi for more than two weeks as a last resort he checked this morning but amid the portraits of the dead a grim discovery and a familiar face. father was addicted to heroin for almost
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a decade now he's another one of the drugs casualty. that's going to be hard to break the news to my mother but this is what happened and we have to face it there will be. tears that abdullah believes could have been prevented he says his father tried to quit several times but in pakistan there are few treatment centers and plenty of temptation by your families but i guess don has been flooded with heroin it's easy to get that it's even sold out in the open the police do nothing because they're also involved and just a few blocks away a dark underworld in broad daylight these heroin addicts don't even bother hiding their habit it's thought that pakistan has more than four million drug addicts but fewer than eighty dedicated we have clinics. where these young people may be in part because there's no shortage of heroin. they may be problem solving problems but they share one thing in common what do you think of that london or moscow afghan heroin that deadly. afghanistan is the world's largest producer of opium
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heroine's main ingredient and it accounts for ninety percent of the global supply roughly forty percent of it as smuggled through pakistan it's a multi-billion dollar industry fueled by years of war and instability opium production is up for the third year in a row and is predicted to grow even further and once nato leaves in two thousand and fourteen there are fears that the floodgates will open for the spread of the deadly harvest you are going to get rid of this wall of their school i suppose but you would be inviting end of the war between to be very difficult. to win. and there could be the wall of drugs pakistani security experts want nato forces to take heede they have gone drug trade is the elephant in the room the biggest challenge was fox on his face to face that in all honesty and twenty fourteen post for troll strategy drugs has been left out by the united states nato and other
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european partners as an issue which is not to be considered. the port of karachi a key drug smuggling exit point the city is flooded with cheap heroin which addicts here say is easy. to buy them a healthy meal and near a busy highway this hole in the wall serves as a makeshift heroin take out window money goes in and drugs are pushed out into eager waiting hands. i tell myself that i'll stop using this drug for the sake of my children that's what i'm thinking about but i can't help myself because my body needs it and the heroine's easy to get to easy it seems pakistanis get through an estimated one point two billion dollars worth of heroin each year but ross excess just a dollar fifty is enough to get him high if it's spreading now it's gone to my heart . straight to the heart from the heroin heartland of afghanistan a casualty of the poison spreading from the war zone next door you see caffein of karachi. to here mosco up next the man who makes the blood of the big bang because
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run cold it's time for the kaiser report after this break and i'll be back with a team with more news and. or remember those old wacky communist countries who constantly boost their numbers to make themselves feel better or who cares if stories aren't the end this piece of paper a one hundred thousand tons of potatoes that is good enough for me well now we are in a new age of technology but the same lying to make yourself feel good is still going strong it just moved over to the capitals world the u.s. state department's bureau of international information programs has spent six hundred thirty thousand dollars on facebook advertising campaigns to get fans a sense of the government is out there to buy likes oh what
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a fantastic use of tax dollars but wait maybe i'm being too pessimistic perhaps it worked and really helped spread the message of the us state department effectively wellness victor general's report says that since the advertising campaign started twenty eleven there has been a dramatic increase in users liking state department sites but the problem is that only two percent of them actually use the sites so you get what you pay for a big bag of likes but few hardcore fans probably the most shocking example is a vision of america group in farsi made for a rainy and which has gotten over four hundred twenty thousand members but only one percent of them is actually in iran where facebook advertising doesn't even exist that's effective getting lots of likes doesn't mean you are actually reaching people instead of paying for them why not you know get them naturally bar by providing interesting honest. content on a regular basis oh wait that takes effort and honesty yeah you know what just keep wasting our tax dollars.
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